AmazingTalker: Learn a Language Online Easily
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There are hundreds of ways to learn a foreign language. Which one amazes you the most? The best part of AmazingTutor is its foreign language teacher evaluation system, which allows each online user to flexibly learn a language using their desktop computer, tablet, or even mobile phone. It’s even possible to wear headphones and attend class while riding a bus!

AmazingTutor founder, Abner Chao, states, “AmazingTutor is committed to opening up the conveniences of online learning resources to users around the world. Users are not tied down to anything, since they can choose their language teacher and create a learning environment for a foreign language anytime, anywhere.” Source: AmazingTutor

To fulfill a personal goal, AmazingTutor founder, Abner Chao, travelled to Japan to participate in a famous professional boxing competition. After returning to Taiwan, he chose to embark on the road of problem-solving oriented entrepreneurship. He began familiarizing himself with the operations of language learning platforms, listening to the daily needs and hardships of students, and developing a deep understanding of the importance of learning environments for the study of languages. Chao stated, “In recent years, the prevalence of online one-on-one foreign language teaching has often led to a heavy financial burden for users. It is not easy to disseminate online resources. AmazingTutor allows users to learn a foreign language online without the pressure of being overly burdened. Users may choose a method of payment for each session according to their own personal budget, so that everyone can create their personal daily learning environment.” 

Currently, for users in Taiwan, popular languages on the platform mainly consist of English, Korean, and Japanese. There are also many highly-qualified German and French teachers. Of course, a great many excellent Chinese teachers also live in Taiwan. The current international platform serves users from Japan, Korea, and India, as well as Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. AmazingTutor adopts a two-stage evaluation system for their teachers. To be allowed to engage in a trial teaching period and potentially become a qualified teacher, applicants must provide information on their educational background along with a home video introducing their curriculum. If users rate a teacher poorly during this trial period, the teacher is removed from the platform. As a quality guarantee for online students, teachers may only receive payments upon completion of a single course. AmazingTutor also guarantees customer security for online payment transactions. 

Chao emphasizes, “For many years, there has been a lot exposure to English in Taiwan. However, in situations for a true conversation, people here often find themselves unable to speak properly.” According to research by AmazingTutor, for both users in Taiwan and abroad, the main driving force for learning a foreign language is not to go abroad and travel, but to be able to achieve better job opportunities and performance locally. Early on, AmazingTutor was designed for foreigners to learn Chinese. Many operational difficulties were encountered during this process. However, after several adjustments, a steady user base was established. The team was even selected as one of the top 12 startups at Pitch Camp 2016. The hope is that every user wishing to learn a foreign language will be able to find a suitable one-on-one teacher on this platform. Committed to creating a better learning experience, AmazingTutor helps you find your personal online language teacher.



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